An Introduction to Avec Lui: Why Menswear?

September 5, 2014



Avec Lui: meaning ‘With Him’ in french. For the purpose of this blog, “him” is my clothing.

I’ve always preferred to borrow from the boys than  adopt a similar female version.  Growing up my sisters and I would wear our older brother’s hand-me-downs. My father would let me borrow/steal his clothes. In fact, the dress shirt he wore on his wedding day is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe (seen above on me).

The tailors and craftsman’s working on Savile Row have always held a higher fascination for me then Haute Couture. I appreciate how subtle the changes in men’s fashion is from season to season especially compared to the fickle female counterpart. This isn’t about trying to look like a man, but finding my own style.

While menswear and “boyfriend” style might be a trend for some, it’s my uniform. After many years of wearing mens clothing and hearing so many girls lament about not being able to find the right “boyfriend” [insert article of clothing choice here] I was inspired to share my love of menswear.

Welcome to my blog.

Dress like a boy, act like a girl –  xo KL


One thought on “An Introduction to Avec Lui: Why Menswear?

  1. preppyandfunny

    Hi! this is such a good idea! To build your whole blog around this style of yours!
    I have been loving boyish style and androgyne figures for the next season! I talk abt them in my last post that you can check out on my blog. Let me knwo if you stop by!


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