Boyfriend’s or Boyfriend Jeans

September 27, 2014


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I know I feel like all I talk about is jeans. But this one is hard to ignore. The boyfriend jean may not be a new concept but they exploded this summer making every girl rethink her favourite skinnies. Plus with more brands and variety then ever it was not hard to find a kind you fancied.

The good news is that your favourite summer jeans will be as easy to wear in the fall because of their versatility. Trade your Birkenstocks and Tees for sweaters and new balance. For a more put together look pair them with heeled boots and a blazer instead of opened told sandals and tank. Throw on some military boots and a beanie instead of grabbing your beach bag and straw hat. These babies can go anywhere with you.

Now for my tip about boys’ jeans. Did you have a hard time finding boyfriend jeans this summer despite how many brands and places sold them? Was it because they all still looked like women’s jeans? Go for the real thing but keep these pointers in mind: opt for vintage if possible (softer is always better, emirate?), don’t think that you will be the same size, GO UP a size or two, a belt and rolled cuff are your best friends, and don’t let weird looks from sales associates deter you from trying them on, you need to try them. Last tip: don’t let your actually boyfriend steal your new favourite jeans.

On me: vintage men’s Levis that I purchased on Queen west (thank you Fas in Frank for adding the rips). This is how I like wear them; casual chic. I reach for them on days when I am going to be running around and I want to be comfortable but still look effortlessly cool. If you want to see me take them from daytime errands to nighttime dinner date check out my new Youtube video “Boyfriend jeans: Day to Night.”

Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL xo

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