Lace Wars

September 23, 2014

lacewars2 lacewars5 lacewars3 lacewars1 lacewars4The lace dress; soft, bohemian, feminine. Three words I would never use to describe my style. Yet I find myself in possession of one after a trip to a local thrift store. It was beautiful and I couldn’t resist despite the loop that kept playing in my head “this isn’t you, this isn’t you, this isn’t you.” So with my inner voice ignored, I paid and slipped the delicate dress into my bag.

I realized my second big mistake after I arrived home. I had just purchased a VERY summery item in the fall. However, I was able to turn two negatives into a positive, simultaneously making the dress fit my style and the season with the help of a man’s sweater. Summer in Toronto would have limited me to shoes and jewelry. I would have boiled to death if I tried layering clothing to balance out the girly lace. It would have sat in the closet mocking me.

Luckily for me it has got too cold to wear it alone. I tried it on with a chunky men’s sweater… suddenly it was ok. The little bit of lace peaking under the heavy knit didn’t seem so girly. The dark colour of sweater helped bring the light dress to fall and I felt like me. War won. I added my locket for a focal point against the navy and some heeled black boots to keep my legs from looking as short as they are. It kind of worked..


– Dress like man, act like a woman – xo KL

{Sweater is from H&M, boots Aldo, Dress and locket vintage}

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