Teddy Boys Do it Best

September 15, 2014


Everyone gets their style inspiration from somewhere; shop windows, magazines or celebrities. Of course it needn’t come from somewhere so obvious. A short list of mine include: Alexa Chung (so subsequently Jane Birkin), anyone wearing stripes or all black, the 60’s, Sophia Coppola movies (except the Bling Ring), British 80’s new wave and Teddy boys/girls.

What is a Teddy boy/Teddy/Ted? After WWII, the tailors on Savile Row tried to re-brand the Edwardian dandy style. Enter Teddy boys. Borrowing style from both tradition, and American rock n’ roll music. Think jacket and waistcoats, oxfords, creepers, suspenders and high waisted trousers, cropped pants, exposed socks, and Alex Turner hair (circa 2014). Brilliant.

And the boys didn’t get to have all the fun. These girls borrowed from their male counter parts with tailored jackets, rolled jeans, flat shoes but added in their own twist with high ponys or american circle skirt. Original tomboys.

But being a Ted was more then just fashion. Rebels to the core, their fashion accessories included a switch blade and a smoke. The girls would often quit school at 14 to work in a factories as a protest against the post-war formalities. Their sensibility is as a big a reason as their style that they have been imitated for decades.

While dressing head to toe would look more costume then current, I personally love wearing some inspired pieces. They can add just the right amount of masculinity to a look.

Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL xo


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