In Her Shoes

October 21, 2014

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I obviously have no problem buying and wearing men’s clothes, funny looks from sales associates don’t bother me. I generally prefer things to be a bit oversized so the larger sizes are great. If I had no accessories or shoes on this outfit would be all men’s clothes; t-shirt from H&M, my boyfriend’s jeans (you can read more about them here: Boyfriend or boyfriend’s jeans) and my oversized (well on me) vintage linen blazer.

Shoes are a different story. I can’t buy men’s shoes because my feet are too small. I can buy kids shoes and sometimes do, but not men’s. Unfortunately, my love of all things oversized isn’t practical when applied to footwear. While they make some fabulous women’s shoes inspired by mens sometimes you just have to say fuck it. So that’s what I did today when I chose my footwear.

I went classic black pumps and added a locket, a dark lip and my girly detailed handbag. I could have gone for loafers and added a hat to keep it very tomboyish but sometimes it’s nice feel like a girl even if it’s only below the ankles.

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL xo


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