Pretty in Polka Dots

October 14, 2014

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This men’s shirt is just one of many in my wardrobe. It also has one of the first of many stories I have of funny reactions after people find out that I am wearing men’s clothing. We begin in Ireland…

I was visiting my boyfriend in Galway. He had something to take care of during this particular morning, so I went for a walk. There was a shopping centre in the middle of the town and, even though there wasn’t much, they did have a TopShop. After cruising quickly through the women’s sections (I found a pair of overalls) I went straight up to the men’s section. The colours and pattern of this shirt immediately drew my eye. It was masculine but pretty.

We decided to go out that night to a local pub with a live band. I thought, ‘hey, I’ll wear my new shirt.” The bar was busy and the band was good (anyone who covers the Arctic Monkeys is good in my book), but the wait for drinks was long. I was sitting at the table alone while my boyfriend got us a couple of pints of Guinness.

It was then that a young man approached the table. He wanted to make sure I wasn’t all alone and to compliment me on my shirt/style. I thanked him and then the conversation pretty much went like this:

Me: “If you like it so much you can buy it yourself at Topman.”

Him: “You mean Topshop.”

Me: “No, Topman.”

Him: “No, Topman is for men, you mean Topshop.”

Me: “No, I know. It’s from Topman”

Him: “That’s a man’s shirt?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Him: “You’re wearing a man’s shirt?”

me: “Uh.. yeah.”

Him: “You probably shouldn’t tell anyone else that!”

Though he didn’t leave right away, my boyfriend did scare him off when he came back with the pints. His reaction, while funny, was also…surprising. It took a while to convince him that I was wearing a man’s shirt and I felt like I had just told him so deep, shameful secret. Well, either way, he did say he liked my shirt and my style so, regardless of his shock and horror to my cross dressing, I’ll take the compliment.

6 thoughts on “Pretty in Polka Dots

  1. Rambo Ruiz

    I love your outfit here 🙂 I saw you on Instagram and I have to check your blog and Youtube out. I’m into people like you who are doing what they love and sharing awesome stuff as well.


    1. Post author

      Thank you so much! I’m super green to blogging so it’s so nice to hear comments like this 🙂

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