True Rom-Pants

October 28, 2014

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I would love to say how easy it is to buy men’s clothes all the time, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. Some things are easier, like sweaters or shirts, somethings are harder or near impossible like shoes. Pants lie somewhere in-between. It’s not impossible but it’s definitely more difficult. A man’s hip to waist ratio is pretty close to 1:1, while a women’s is probably something close to 2:1. These numbers are the reason why, if you try men’s pants on in your size, you might not be able to even pull them up above your ass, and why, if you can, the thighs and butt area are skin tight but the waist is floating around you.

You might ask “why bother”? Well, for me finding a pair a men’s pants that I feel comfortable in is probably a similar feeling most women get when finding the perfect LBD.  While menswear-for-women are fantastic and great, I have found that there is hardly anything like the real thing, especially when it comes to pants. Plus, men’s pants have actual pockets; real pockets that can hold more then a handful of change or a receipt. No wonder they don’t need a purse.

These drop crotch All Saints pants were a miracle to find. Comfortable, large pockets, not too long, and they can be worn two ways: low on the hip to emphasize the drop crotch or belted and high-waisted. Today I chose the second option because I paired it with a crop top and, let’s be real, only Kate Moss can pull off low-waisted pants and crop tops.

I wrote, in my post about Boyfriend jeans, my tricks to purchasing men’s pants, but here they are again. DO: try them on, go up a size or two, and belt/roll/tailor. DON’T: assume they will fit like women’s pants or be sad that your size probably won’t fit you (if they even carry it).

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL xo

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