Lay-er the Favorite

November 29, 2014

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Layering is becoming more and more essential as the weather continues to get colder. But, let’s admit it; a man’s closet is better equipped for the job. Waistcoat, henleys, collared shirts, button downs, sweaters, cardigans, overcoats. It was built to layer. So take some tips from the boys this winter, don’t just throw a long cardigan over a tee and call that layering. I like GQ’s 5 Rules for Fall Layering for some inspiration. 

I loved the idea of rule #5. I’ve always been partial to mixing the formal with the informal. Something about a hoodie under peacoat works so well for both; the coat looks cool, unstuffy, relaxed and the hoodie gets this elevation that I didn’t think was possible. Hoodies normally scream university frosh that took 5 minutes to roll out of the dorms into class. I get it they are easy to wear, but that doesn’t mean you should. Unless…

Paired with a peacoat it has this unkept but put together vibe. If you wore the hoodie with a more relaxed jacket it would probably sloppy. The peacoat with say, a knit sweater would look a little dressed up. So if you are looking for the perfect balance, here it is. Ah, the art of layering.

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL xo

Check out my new youtube video of Winter Layers.

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