Minor Details

November 4, 2014

details011 details02 details03I once read that a man’s style lies in the details. I agree with this with the exception that it can be stretched to involve everyone. So for a man it might be included adding a watch or cufflinks, the width of the tie, or maybe the hem length of the pants. As a woman I’ll admit that we do have a few more options but I prefer, like the men, to keep it simple. Less is more. So with a roll of a cuff, or perhaps adding a watch, maybe some simple jewelry.

Cut to these beautiful additions to my jewelry box. I bought them recently at Oak and Fort, they have very pretty pieces for VERY reasonable prices. Nothing very fancy but if you are looking for some inexpensive costume jewelry I would recommend them. I picked out these two rings because I loved the rose gold and thought they would add a nice feminine touch to any outfit. Simple and understated. My kind of details.

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL xo

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