27 Dress-Shirts

December 20, 2014

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As the weather continues to cool, I go more and more into a state of hibernation. I realize that fun things do happen outside my apartment, but sometimes chilling at home where it’s warm is all I want to do. This weather makes me want to hide out with tea and food and never leave. This attitude can also be used to describe my dressing habits in the winter. I start to fall into a pattern of a uniform: a medium to large man’s dress shirt. I put one on and it’s hard to get me out of them until warmer weather appears.

As a stable in any tomboy’s closet, the men’s dress shirt is good all year around in virtually any weather but in the winter months it truly shines. It’s comfy and (should be) oversized, but it is a dress shirt. So, if a friend stopped by unexpectedly (probably worried they haven’t seen/heard from me in a while) or I get an unexpected urge to join society then, I’m already presentable. I don’t need to change from comfy sweats or pyjamas which would just make me say “I’m not going to bother” and end up staying in. Plus, it hides any extra winter weight I will inevitably be carrying after the holidays.

The uniform normally goes men’s dress shirt, skinnies, wooly socks, cup of tea. Comfort food is optional but highly recommended, like these vegan sugar cookies and gingerbread men. This particular shirt is from J Crew, they have some wonderful (and wonderfully priced) men’s dress shirts. I also love Topman, American Apparel, Frank and Oak, and Zara for well priced shirts. Avec Lui tips: always go bigger, try it on to make sure it’s not see-through (sometimes they are and sometimes you want them to be), play with the collar, it can be stiff at first but that doesn’t mean that once loosened up and worn in that it won’t look great. Lastly, always try it on tucked and untucked. It’s nice to be able to have the options to wear it both ways (and trust me, some you can’t).

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL xo

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