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It’s the end of another year and it’s easy to lament about things you promised yourself last year and didn’t follow through with; working out, eating better, saving money, etc, etc. I’ve also fallen victim to all of this, but then I started making fun resolutions (2014’s was do 52 things I had never done before).

But it’s a new year, new you, right? It’s all good if you want try to better yourself, but you are who you are. I remember many times as a kid thinking ‘this is the year I’m going to change my style’. I was no longer going to be that little girl in her brother’s hand-me-downs. I was going to make an effort to wear skirts and things. However, the pulling and tugging on itchy nylons and the awkwardness of trying to sit in a skirt (still haven’t quite mastered it) would inevitably have me running towards my boys’ clothes in under a week. In honour of that little girl, I’m closing out 2014 with an outfit true to me (and her), a boy’s tee and overalls.

So, no lamenting here on Avec Lui, instead I will rejoice in completing my 2014 resolutions (some of my favourites were surfing, dying my hair blonde, skydiving, getting a tattoo) and be happy that I am comfortable with who I am and what my style is, even if it involves men’s clothes. No, scratch that, because it involves men’s clothes. #tomboy4ever

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL xo

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