Snow White and the Red Wall

December 22, 2014

red03 red02 red07 red06

It’s winter and it is cold. It’s so easy to wear head-to-toe black everyday but, for a change, I decided to dress like White from Spy vs. Spy (am I dating myself?). A monochromatic white outfit is just what I needed to get me out of my black spy rut. And if you remember the MAD comic, white always won.

Dressing in a single hue may sound so easy, but keep a few things in mind. Since it’s all one colour palette try to play with textures to keep it interesting. I like adding unexpected layers as extra dimension. Most importantly, keep the colours in the same temperature even if they aren’t exact. Mixing a “cool” white with a “warm” white will ruin the effect.

Of course, monochromatic outfits can easily be as girly or as tomboyish as you like. I prefer to keep things casual like these skinnies and this relaxed men’s t-shirt, layered under a sweater and, of course, my white chucks.

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL xo

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