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December 16, 2014

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It seems to happen every year, and even though I know I’m doing it again, it still happens. Winter rolls in and suddenly (I think) I need more sweaters. My sweater collection is already vast and every year in the spring I end up donating or giving away a bunch, vowing that next time I will remind myself that NO you don’t need more.

Well sorry past-Kelly for not listening and sorry future-Kelly for giving you the tedious task of figuring out which to get rid. In my defence, this new one was $10 at the Black Market on Queen. This thrift store is the best place to get sweaters. It’s massive and everything is priced at $10. Like any thrift store, there is a lot of garbage in there, you will have to rummage, except when it comes to sweaters. I almost always find a sweater that I can’t seem to walk away from. Like this classic winter sweater that would probably have cost four times the amount if I had found it in any other vintage store. It’s 100% wool, but not itchy, and even on a day like today, (it’s about -2, not too cold) I didn’t need a jacket. I brought one, but quickly over heated and started to sweat so off with the jacket, this sweater is enough. Someone’s Nan definitely knitted it for them, and I’m glad I got to benefit when they stupidly donated it.

So, if you live in Toronto or happen to be visiting it’s worth a look to drop by the Black Market. Especially if you come during our dreary winters, you never know what you will find. Last year, I popped in on a particularly cold night while walking home from work. Thought I would de-thaw and take a quick look around, just a peek. I left with two teal sweaters; one had a bear dressed as a detective following bear tracks on it. For $10? What a steal.

– Dress warm, and act like the winter doesn’t bother you – KL xo

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