Winter’s Blush

December 9, 2014

pastel02 pastel01 pastel06 pastel03 pastel05

I love pastel in the winter. These light colours look so good layered and bundled. They are subtle and generally in the cooler spectrum (even if they are warmer colours) and just seem to reflect the seasons chilly air, grey skies and snowy grounds so well. However, being a tomboy I have always found it difficult to wear the ultra feminine colour palette.

When I saw this sweater in the beautiful winter blue I threw my tomboy notions of the colour out the window and bought the damn thing. It reminded me of Liv Tyler’s character’s sweater in Empire Records (one of my favourite movies). The 90’s are having their moment and I thought a cropped fuzzy sweater in a pastel colour was just what my wardrobe was missing. Any 90’s kids will remember how cool fuzzy sweaters were and while they don’t exactly scream tomboy, I knew I could work with this.

I threw my ripped levi’s on over some black leggings (it’s cold here in Canada) and voila. The perfect monochromatic pastel ensemble fit for a tomboy. And, of course, since I was going for a 90’s vibe I couldn’t very well leave out my doc martens.  They completed the look; perfect mix of Clueless x Empire Records.

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL xo

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