January 11, 2015

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Dear Toronto,

This is bullshit. It’s too cold. I don’t like it when your air hurts my face, why does your air hurt my face? My fingers are freezing and my nose is always red. Sometimes, I even loose feeling in my toes.

I’m sick of double socks, toque hair and dry skin. I’m always late now because i can’t find my gloves and it’s too cold to not have gloves. My iPhone even needs it’s own sweater or it dies in your cold. There are dirty snow/mud tracks in the front of my house and the stairs of my apartment are always slippery now.

Don’t get me wrong, I like ice-skating and building snow forts as much as the next person. Ok, and snow days are pretty awesome. Hot chocolate isn’t the same if you can’t hear the wind roaring outside. And wearing layers is always fun. Actually I just bought this new coat and it’s super warm. In fact, I love it. Thanks Toronto.

Love, KL

– Dress warm and act like a Canadian –

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