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January 18, 2015

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I was the tender age of six when I wore my first tie. My best friend at the time was a boy named AJ and we had been friends since kindergarten 5, which meant that we had already been friends for a third of my life. Now we were in grade 2, Mrs. A’s class. It was the day before picture day and Mrs. A was reminding us to make sure we dressed our best.

Like any six year old, I had completely flaked on the date and now I had but one night to decide what to wear. Lucky, AJ had my back, he suggested we dress alike. He already had his outfit picked out; a white shirt and tie. And like any best friends at that age, I wanted to be like my friend. I went home that afternoon and picked out my outfit carefully.

The next day me and AJ felt like the two coolest people on the planet. He had a on, as promised, a white dress shirt and bolo tie that totally complimented his rat tail. I had on my brother’s old tie, it was a white leather clip on and I paired it with a pink and blue plaid shirt and low pony tail, to match his rat tail.

When my mom saw the pictures she was not pleased, but she bought the photos anyway. She swears to this day she had no idea that it was picture day when I left the house that morning. Highly unlikely since my sister was also attending the same school and she would have made a big stink about wearing some kind of dress. Maybe, she just didn’t want to start another melt down like the previous year when I joined the choir and refused to wear a dress for our recital. You know, tears and screaming because I didn’t know why black jeans couldn’t work. I was the only choir girl in pants, but then again I was the only girl at school in a tie. I secretly think my mom didn’t argue because she just wanted me to be me.

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL xo

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