Jack and the Magic Beanie

January 28, 2015

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I may not be winter’s biggest fan, but I am a fan of the beanie, or toque as we call it here in the Great White North. It’s the perfect tomboy cold weather head gear. Spinelli and Cara Delivgne are two devotees who come to mind.

As well as being warm as hell and comfortable, the wooly hats have become quite trendy. You can pretty much find them anywhere and in every colour. A neutral is good; black, white, grey, navy, but it’s always fun to have a bright colour or one with a funny slogan on it. I personally love American Apparel beanies. In the winter they generally have an entire wall of the store designated just to beanies. Every colour, different types of knits, different lengths; wool, acrylic, blends, lots of choices.

These hats have a special chameleon property. Or actually the inverse of that. You can pair a toque with any oufit and bam, it just went from well, whatever it was to badass. Why do you think cat burglars wear it? Feeling like a marshmallow in head-to-toe pink? Throw on a toque, and BAM. You are now a badass marshmallow. Think about Spinelli, did you ever notice she was wearing a dress the whole time? I didn’t. Voila! The magic of the toque.

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL

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