The Knit Estate

January 14, 2015

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My first boyfriend was 6’4, I was, and still am, 4’11. We were a mixed-match pair, but we didn’t care. When he didn’t want one of his shirts anymore he used to give them to me. Since he was so much bigger I used to get out the old seam ripper and start tearing the shirt up. I would re-sew it together a little slimmer and voila! I would have a new dress.

When we broke up, and I no longer had a steady flow of men’s shirts coming in, I started buying my own. I realized that I didn’t need to rip them up if I got a slightly smaller size, and because I am so vertically challenged they still fit long enough for a dress. It was a life-changing discovery.

Then the sweater dress trend came about, and while I wasn’t about to buy one of those tight fitted ones that every woman wears with leggings and knee high boots (can you say basic?), I liked the idea of them. A sweater, made long enough to be a dress; it sounded comfortable, easy and warm. A men’s sweater was the perfect solution. It would be long enough to be a dress and it definitely wouldn’t be tight which would negate all the comfort that it was suppose to afford. Since this wonderful discovery, I have worn the ‘sweater dress’ for years.

The one problem…sometimes it looks like you forgot your pants. My favourite way to fix this is to layer it over another dress.  It add’s a little extra and a layer of warmth. Some other options to help could be a belt round the waist or tights. Just to be careful, don’t put it in the dryer (hanging to dry will help length it).  if worse comes to worst, just go with it, but don’t lift your arms.

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL xo


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