February 22, 2015


I realize that my last two post on this personal (life)style blog have been more about life and less about style. Sometimes the personal part creeps in, but lets get back to the fashion side of things.

For a man, a pair of socks can make a huge impact on outfit. They can change the tone depending on the colour or type of sock; black for formal, subtle pattern can be for business, an in-season colour can be trendy, etc. It’s such a small article of clothing, but that little piece of fabric between the pant hem and shoe make a difference. Such a difference in fact, that men have made many rules about socks. There’s the neutral sock rule of matching them to your trousers. The colourful or patterned sock rule of how to pick up an accent colour in your outfit and not matching your the pattern of your sock with the pattern of anything else you are wearing (aka, no argyle on argyle). How to roll up your hems when wearing a boot sock or going sans socks in the summer months. And, when and where white socks are appropriate (apparently during physical activity only).

We ladies have it a little bit free-er, the only really rule I can think of is no socks with sandals and, well, even that gets thrown out the window sometimes. Plus, we have way more options of ‘socks’ when you start to include tights and hosiery. So there isn’t any reason we shouldn’t put just as much time into thinking about softer footwear. We can even apply some of these rules. The neutral sock doesn’t have to match, but at least coordinate with, the colour of your pants. So, say you are wearing an over-the-knee sock with shorts… you probably wouldn’t put bright yellow with green shorts unless it was for some sort of pep rally and that’s your schools colours. If you were wearing a striped dress, you wouldn’t match it with striped tights unless you were trying to look like you belonged in a Dr. Suess story. Just stick to the men’s rules and you will always look good. When in doubt, if it feels right, wear it.

I’m going to take full advantage of wearing all my socks, especially because they are necessary during these colder months. My feet will be warm and my outfits will have a new spin.

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL


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    1. Post author

      Haha Thanks, yeah it’s kinda silly but here in Canada they are so necessary in the winter that they become part of your style, so I thought why not!


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