The Grand Seduction

February 11, 2015

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It’s not hard to tell that Valentine’s day is just around the corner. It seems like every shop is advertising that special gift; flowers, chocolates, jewelry and lingerie. And while the boys are buying out the flowers and chocolate, many girls are running over to Victoria Secret. However, I won’t be one of them. It’s not that I don’t want to look nice for my boyfriend and it’s not that I have anything against other women wearing lingerie. It’s because of Dita Von Teese. You may find this a bit confusing, why a woman as sexy as Dita Von Teese, who’s made living in lingerie, would make me not want to wear or buy it. Simply because it’s not me. And I know she would understand.

Into the Gloss interviewed her on the Art of Seduction. She begins the interview by describing the masters of seduction; they can act like they never tried, they aren’t putting on a show, this is how they are. So, in terms of clothing, or lack there of, you have to seem confident. She suggests everyone wear their lingerie everyday, and enjoy it. So when you take your clothes off, it’s just there, there’s no need to slip away and change into something else (physically and mentally). The lingerie is sexy because you’re comfortable in it.

While Dita may be more than comfortable in intimate garments, she admits there are some things she would never wear, because, ultimately, it’s not her style. If she doesn’t feel comfortable, she doesn’t feel sexy. I found it interesting that she just says no to them. She also says if you ask any man to describe a time when you were at your most sexiest, it would probably be at a point when you were laughing, and comfortable, and just having a good time, having fun being you.

So why can’t a tomboy like myself say no to lingerie? It’s uncomfortable, itchy, often unflattering and it makes me feel self-conscious. But a men’s dress shirt with nothing underneath… it feels natural. So, while I might never be sexy in lingerie, I can be a master of seduction in my own boxer shorts.

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL


2 thoughts on “The Grand Seduction

  1. B. Leigh

    I love the intimate dreamy vibe of this post. It seem so casual & comfortable which is all that matters in orders to feel sexy as a woman. I completely agree with both you & Dita Von Teese this post actually did make me consider buying lingerie because honestly I could imagine the confidence I would have just knowing how sexy I really am underneath. On the other hand wearing some sexy comfy Calvins underneath would make me feel the saaaamme way.
    *BTW what’s up with your bloglovin’ link is it broken? I would love to follow*


    1. Post author

      If you can feel confidant in lingerie all the power to you!!! Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog and the heads up on my bloglovin link. I just fixed it.
      – KL


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