The Long and Short of It

February 1, 2015

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I once read this interview with actress Marley Shelton in some teen fashion magazine, with her sporting a very short pixie cut. She admitted that since cutting off her long blonde locks for her new short-like-a-boy’s style she had become obsessed with dresses. She, all of a sudden, wanted to look like a pin-up from the 50’s and she blamed the hair. I have no idea what her style was like previous to this haircut, but what she said intrigued me. If you cut your hair like a boy, then it must be hard to dress like a boy and not look like a boy. I realized that as long as I kept my femininity localized to my head I could wear whatever I wanted from the chin down. This is why I could never get a pixie cut.

But, then again, while long hair looks soft and feminine, short hair looks edgy and cool and I have always prefered the latter. Remember that scene in Roman Holiday when Audrey Hepburn gets the Italian hairdresser to cut her hair short? He doesn’t want to do it at first but she insists. When he finishes, he looks at her side to side and says, “Now it’s cool. Hmm? Cool?” And no one would ever say that Audrey Hepburn looked like a boy, even though she had a somewhat androgynous, preppy style.

Well I obviously didn’t go for pixie cut. But I thought it time for a change. I went for that beautiful in-between length that is sported by so many women (Alexa Chung, Emma Stone, Felicity Jones) and men (Kurt Cobain, Johnny Harrington, Chris Hemsworth). It seemed like the perfect compromise; women who want to look chic and men who want to look dangerous and cool go for this length. I’m fine with either. I can still be feminine with shoulder-length locks and, with the right texturizing serum, it could look tousled to point-of-not-caring-cool. Overgrown roots help with the not caring, just FYI.

– Cut your hair like man or woman – KL

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2 thoughts on “The Long and Short of It

  1. Huda

    Hello Kelly,
    The cut suits you and the pictures on the post are so nice. In my opinion cutting you need to be brave to cut your hair short, because it is a big step to take. If you are happy with your cut and you did it because (and only because!) you like it this way then you did the right thing. I believe that when it comes to the style we will need to do what makes us feel the unique person who we truly are. For now I like my hair long, I can’t imagine myself with short hair (but never say never, right?!), its me, its the way I like me to be.
    I like the way you express your thoughts, smart and creative, keep on the good work.
    PS: Fred seems to be happy where it is now…

    1. Post author

      Thanks! Yes, I agree. Especially for woman, it can kind of an identity crisis to go from one extreme to the other, it has to feel like you 🙂


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