Blue Denim

March 22, 2015

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Sand between my toes, vegan ramen, and trailers before a movie. These are the only things I like more than a denim shirt. I own four (use to be five). When the winter starts to fade and my sweaters get moved from the convenient middle shelf to the bottoms shelf I always reach for that blue denim. It pretty much becomes my early spring uniform. I have two rules: it has to be mens and it has to be oversized.

Very similar to the denim jean (the ones that you wear on the bottom) the denim shirt comes in all kind of washes and can be worn with everything. It can be layered over t-shirts, tucked into pants, worn as a dress (if you are short), tied in a knot, Canadian tuxedo anyone? But, I almost always go for the most casual and easy; almost button-ed up to the top worn with black skinnies and sneakers or casual flats.

The only big draw back to the denim shirt: it can come across as country. To stop that from happening I always stay away from fancy embroidering, tucking it into wranglers or wearing cowboy boots (or something that could resemble cowboy boots). Also, pig-tail braids, Stetson, and straw in the mouth don’t help either.

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL

To see more ways to wear my favourite shirt check out my Denim Lookbook.

2 thoughts on “Blue Denim

  1. Yana

    Beautifully minimal. Denim shirts and jackets are closet staples all year round, but there’s just something about wearing denim in spring…


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