Love & Rockets

March 25, 2015


I’ve always had an interest in the creative process for fashion designers. Mood boards, fabric swatches, sketches, etc. They create such wonderful things and I’ve always been curious about the inspiration behind their collections, but also who they design their clothes for.

“Inspiration is found in the pages of old superhero comic books, in the manifesto of the Italian Futurists, and in the systemic strength of urban landscapes and fast machines, ultimately taking form in dynamic paneling and functional detailing.”

This describes how Francis Leon designs their clothing.

How COOL is that!? They design everything for a heroine and it’s like you own a superhero’s uniform. Everything in their line is perfect for a tomboy like me. I bought this jacket about a year and a half ago and still get excited when I get to wear it again. Canadian winters prohibit leather jackets and summer is too hot for them, so I get a couple of months when winter is ending and a couple of months before winter starts. BUT, if I had my way I would wear it every day. I could live in t-shirts and jeans because the jacket is so special I don’t need to try with the rest of my outfit. Of course I would have to quit my job, buy a motorcycle and live as a vigilante. I love the shoulder detailing and the emblem on the back. I feel completely badass in it.

I had wanted a leather jacket for a while before I found this one (actually my friend found it for me and I will be eternally greatful). Of course, leather jackets are not an impulse purchase, they are an investment. So I had been carefully researching; window shopping, online shopping, browsing through street style, celebrity style, etc; all just to try to find one that felt like me. The basic Moto style was not working for me… something just wasn’t right. I blamed the fit or the leather or my body. However, as soon as I tried this jacket on I knew it was the one. I pretended to contemplate because of the price but really… as it turns out… a leather jacket is an impulse purchase.

– Dress like a badass, act like a badass – KL

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