Riding in Cardigans with Boys

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One of my ex-boyfriends had no style. It’s not the reason we broke up, but it does make me that much more appreciative of my current boyfriend’s interest in fashion. The ex was pretty much your typical guy; ill-fitting t-shirts and out of trend jeans, with sneakers. He wore football jerseys on the weekends (regardless if there were games on or not). Even though I tried to get him to change (his outfits, his clothes, his attitude towards fashion), it was useless. Lesson learned: even if you do dress them, style really does come from within. Part of my efforts included bringing home clothes that I hoped he would like and, more importantly, wear. Most of the time they would end up in the back of his closet, or in mine.

And then there was The Cardigan. The beautiful, oversized (on me), soft, warm, perfect cardigan. I saw it and thought, yeah, he might like it. So I bought it and brought it home, all the while hoping it would be like everything else I bought him and end up with me instead. I wasn’t so lucky, but it was the perfect cardigan so I couldn’t blame him. I did steal borrow it from time to time and when we split up I had serious thoughts of taking it with me, but I’m too honest. So my hunt for The Cardigan began. I went back to where I purchased it but they were no longer carrying that item and I’ve since been back to that store, and stores alike, hoping for something similar, but no such luck.

I luckily found this vintage one and it’s soft and warm. I love the oversized style of it, it’s like the perfect grandpa cardigan. Now that the weather is starting to warm up it’s always a great layering piece instead of a jacket. It’s not exactly like the original and I’m beginning to think my memory has made it seem better than it actually was. Perhaps there is no such thing as the perfect cardigan, just like there is no such thing as the perfect guy. Luckily, the ones I have now are pretty fucking close. So, while my hunt for the ‘perfect’ cardigan may continue, I think I am done looking for the guy.

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL


  • Lack of style may not exactly be a deal breaker, but, oh, a classy guy is always sexy. Although I’d take a slob over a man who spends more time in front of the mirror than I do, lol. Then again, who says we should chose between the two extremes.
    Also, your cat is friggin adorable.

    March 24, 2015 at 2:06 am

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