Tous Les Garçons

March 19, 2015

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I thought I’d keep the 60’s style icon swinging and choose a female from that era for this month’s style icon: Francoise Hardy. She not only influenced last month’s style icon, Bob Dylan, into writing some poems, she had the eye of David Bowie, and, Mick Jagger once called her his ‘ideal woman.’ She was the original street style queen and, generations later, she is still influencing us. Alexa Chung quotes her as an inspiration, she was a muse for Nicolas Ghesquière when he was director for Balenciaga, and of course, Comme des Garçons was named after one of her lyrics.

The french singer was loved for her style, androgynous face and lean body; which earned her the title of the anti-Bardot. Hardy was the perfect mix of 60’s fashion; she could be found in jeans and t-shirt, or mini’s and go-go boots. She wore pant suits when they were considered extremely un-cool for women. She was a fan of the cat-eye, striped shirts, and floor-length fur coats. She was the centre of the fashion movement, ‘Youthquake’. Her easy tomboy style looked effortless and chic, and it’s no wonder everyone is still trying to emulate her.

So here is my AVEC LUI x Francoise Hardy ‘look’. I love a good cat eye and I kept my hair simple since that’s my style and, apparently, her’s too. I snuck in my faux-fur coat since it’s almost getting too warm to wear it (come on spring!). I kept the rest of the look relaxed, attempting my best french-girl impersonation with my striped-tee.

Se habiller comme un homme, agir comme une femme –  KL




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