Beauty and the Ease

April 19, 2015


I’m sticking to the theme of the last post: effortlessness for spring. I focused solely on clothes for the last post but the truth is my laziness expands into all facets of my life, including my beauty routine.

It’s normal: most people change their skin care or make-up when the weather warms up. I’m no exception. My make-up is almost always at a minimum regardless of the season, but in spring I just like to switch it a touch and try to achieve that perfect summer glow. For example, I switch up my go-to matte red lipstick for something a little more effortless and fun: a pink lip with a sheen. I trade my intensive moisturizer with SPF for a straight up face sunscreen. I no longer have to carry a tube of vaseline with me, instead I a use a light balm. I generally try to rock ‘mermaid’ hair all year around so in the summer it’s switching products that work better with humidity vs. dry air. It’s these little things that change; it’s still easy and me, but more summer.

I’ve filmed a short video on my new and old favourites for summer, so I’m not going to go into further detail here. But just a few parting words for the, err, less-low-maintence girls: it’s summer, so go outside instead of staring at a mirror taking two hours to get ready. Too much makeup means you won’t jump in the water if a spontaneous pool party should happen, so wear less. Don’t waste your time or energy bill on plugging in that straightener just remember these two words instead: Salt spray. You’re Welcome.

– Get ready like your going to the beach everyday – KL

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