The Dependables

April 29, 2015






April showers bring out the flowers, or so I’ve been told. In the meantime they only seem to bring out my wellies, not that I mind. Any bit of water and I generally reach for my faves: my Hunter Rain boots. These babies have been with me for the better part of a decade and I couldn’t be more pleased with a single purchase. When I bought them I was living in St. John’s, Newfoundland, also known as THE PLACE WHERE IT RAINS EVERYDAY and I was sick of getting wet feet. These boots were the answer.

I was lucky enough to buy them while they were still manufactured in Scotland. They have since moved production to China (an unfortunate reality when a company’s factory can’t keep up with growing demand). I don’t know if there is a big difference between the quality but I hope that they kept the integrity because my boots are FUCKING AMAZING. Eight and half years, no holes. I can’t say that about many pairs of shoes, let alone ones that are worn during the worst weather (these pretty much act as my winter boots), and that’s pretty impressive.

Aside from the practicality and quality of these boots, I originally coveted them because of their style. I love that they go with everything and every style; jeans, shorts, dresses, preppy, grungy. They even make an outfit as simple as this one look put together. Before I bought them there were photos upon photos of Kate Moss tramping through muddy English fields (probably at Glastonbury) wearing black Hunters and, well, not much else. I remember cute photos of then-teenaged Lily Cole in bright yellow or red ones in London, they were quintessentially British and I needed them! Plus, they allowed me to splash through puddles like I was a little kid again. Cue whiney Chrissies voice: ‘Ugh, Roberta, why can’t you just act like a girl?”

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL

2 thoughts on “The Dependables

  1. Julia Bradbury

    You look gorgeous wearing my favorite outfit, I love wearing Shorts and Wellies, they give me so much freedom.. My boyfriend moans when i turn up on a date with my Wellies on but I tell him love me love my Wellies e are joined at the hip.


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