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April 22, 2015

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While I’m still not quite over my slump of lazy dressing (we got another cold/rainy week and it’s not helping) I thought I would share my favourite spring to summer transition pieces. They’re nothing new and you probably already have them in your closet but here are the reason why I love to wear them now and how to continue to wear them all summer.

The first is a man’s white dress shirt. I know you are probably sick of me writing about these but they are just that amazing. There’s a perfect one for every season; for spring try a crisp, lightweight one that can easily be worn in the summer as well. Pairing it with a skinnies jeans works perfect for those cooler days. You can also put a belt over it if you want to give it a little bit of shape but that’s not really my style. I prefer to let it hang, give it a loose tuck or tie the ends for a very 60’s summer vibe. The light fabric won’t have you sweating in the sun and paired with shorts it’s very girl-next-door-tomboy.

Let’s move on. The second piece is a pair of jean shorts. I shouldn’t have to say you can pretty much swap them for your favourite blue jeans, they will be just as versatile. Super easy for the summer and in the mean time pair them with tights if you can’t stand to be out in bare legs, otherwise just throw on a men’s sweater to keep the chill at bay.

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL

3 thoughts on “They’re All That

  1. Bri

    First of all I always wanted to tell you I love how you describe your blog as “A girl in a man’s wardrobe”. You know what I love about your blog is I feel like there aren’t enough bloggers like you or maybe not enough girls willing to share their similar style needless to say you’ll always stick out to me as a blogger fav. Oh stealing this outfit by the way wtf is sexier than a mens button down paired with high – waisted jeans to show off some killer legs ! #bloggershelpingbloggers

    LOVE !

    1. Post author

      you are so sweet! I am so happy to be one of your blogger fav! And please steal away!!! Men’s shirts are the best!


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