You Again

April 26, 2015






I know I probably write too much about overalls. Especially when I get comments like this from my mom: “Your sister showed me your blog, the one where you wear all the pants with the bibs.” English is not her mother-tongue. She would sooner call them dungarees. But whatever they’re called, I can’t get enough of them. Especially for spring.

I feel like every time I open a magazine there is a ‘how to style denim overalls’ article that shows you how to ‘dress them up’, ‘wear them to brunch’, etc. That’s all well and good, it’s nice to see people pairing overalls with heels and designer bags, but to me they will always be casual. Because of their association with children, especially little boys, they often come across as fun and tomboyish. They have a playful quality no matter how high your heels are, and despite how ‘dressed up’ you make them you will always feel relaxed.

I love a classic denim pair, but I was coveting white ones for spring this year. They are a fresh change for the spring and will look great in the summer as well. Plus the clean, crisp look of a white pair adds a touch of sophistication if you wanted to look ‘put together’ while you lounge in your bib-pants.

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL

Overalls – ARDENE / T-shirt – URBAN OUTFITTERS / Sneakers – NIKE

3 thoughts on “You Again

  1. Bri

    haha love the quote at the end of this post I don’t even know you & I feel like it describes your precisely for some reason. You’re so cool to me ! I’ve been contemplating mixing black & white images on my blog but what works with THIS post on YOUR blog is how you are wearing all white so I still get that clean minimal feel. I hate blogging on windy days ugh it literally scares me but once again your post gave me the idea hmm “why the hell not” personally I’m loving all the wind in your hair pics

    Till nxt post,

    1. Post author

      Thanks girl!! Yeah I am always very cautious of black and white it sometimes it works! Wind… When you gotta blog you gotta blog, Amirite? In Canada sometimes we have no choice haha


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