Canadian Hustle

May 13, 2015

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Cherry blossoms bloomed in High Park late last week. If you live in Toronto you might still be able to see them if you go now. Seriously, right now, read the rest of this post later. Grab a blanket, maybe a vegan smoothie, go enjoy the warm weather and the beautiful Japanese trees. OK, enough about flowers, on to the fashion.

This is my summer version of a Canadian tuxedo. I’m not going to bore you with a bunch of rules on how to wear denim on denim, I think enough blogs and style magazines have done that already. Instead I’m going to stick with the theme of the month: the 70’s. This summer they are my total inspiration, and even though every decade seems to have a head-to-toe jean look (remember Britney and Justin’s?), it always reminds me of the 70’s.

The term ‘Canadian tuxedo’ was coined when Levi’s created a double-breasted suit jacket specifically for Bing Crosby from the same denim for the 501’s. This came after he was denied access to a hotel in Vancouver for wearing jeans. This was the 1950’s when denim was still associated with labour and work-wear, and only men like James Dean and Marlon Brando wore them as a sign of anti-conformist.

It was the during the 1970’s that the look became popular and, well, we all know fashion is cyclical. Surprise surprise, the 70’s are making a comeback and Levi’s is re-creating the Bing Crosby suit jacket now AND Ralph Lauren sent his men down the runway in head-to-toe denim suits. Don’t get scared, they are way nicer than Justin’s.

While I’m not about to go buy a denim suit jacket any time soon (I have two normal denim jackets, that’s enough), I will sport my own version of a Canadian tuxedo with a 70’s vibe. It’s an effortless look for summer. Throw some flowers in your hair and some sandals on your feet, now you’re ready for a Grateful Dead concert.

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL


denim shirt – American Apparel / jeans – Top Shop /

shoes – hand-me-down from Mom, circa the 70’s

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