Flare Hard

May 15, 2015



This is the first instalment of a trilogy about flares, as the title suggests. I can’t exactly have the theme of this month be ‘the 70’s’ and not rock flares. I wish I could say I scored these in some awesome vintage boutique. Or that they emerged from the back of my closet having been hidden away since early high school. But they’re from Urban Outfitters, which is just as good. I went for a pair closer to culottes, where the flare starts from the crotch. To me, they seem more relaxed and less feminine versus bell-bottoms, where the flare starts after the knee.

Let’s back up a bit though. I grew up in the 90’s, when it was always about bell-bottoms. The bigger the bell, the better. The less your shoes showed, the cooler your jeans were. Somewhere in the 00’s bells’ were out and it was skinnys’ or nothing. I never gave flares a second thought since; they seemed tacky and out-dated. I couldn’t believe I used to wear them. However, something’s changed this season, and I have a fresh opinion. Now they seem perfect for summer; bohemian and carefree.

I won’t lie, I struggled slightly with how I was going to style them, it’s been a while. Shoes were the hardest part, so I took a cue from the 70’s and paired them with platforms. While I’m obviously influenced by the decade, one style I want to stay away from is disco. To combat that, I did what comes naturally to me and I put on a men’s shirt. While this might not have been something I would have worn back in the 90’s, I feel perfectly ‘me’ in it, and also a little like an extra from The Wonder Years.

– Dress like man, act like a woman – KL


Flares – Urban Outfitters (similiar) / Shirt – Vintage from Momma Loves You /

Belt –  Vintage / Bette Wedges – Jeffrey Campbell (similiar)

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