Glam Rocky

May 29, 2015

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It’s the last ‘issue’ for May and for my 70’s theme (not that you won’t be seeing some serious 70’s inspired outfits for the rest of the summer). So, I’m closing the month out with an unlikely combination: glam rock and punk rolled into one outfit. Think Debbie Harry meets Joan Jett meets David Bowie.

It’s not a coincidence that I’ve named three musicians. Fashion and music has always been so heavily tied together, plus the 70’s produced some amazing music. Whatever you were into, that genre had it’s own style. Disco is an obvious one when you think of the 70’s, like Diana Ross, Donna Summers and ABBA . This is probably my least favourite (just my own personal taste, nothing against it), so lets skip ahead.

Punk, rock and metal had some amazing fashion icons. Patti Smith is an obvious style icon for me, the girl loved her ties! But this outfit is definitely more Blondie/Runaways. Glam rock had it’s king in David Bowie. The make-up, the bell bottoms, the platforms, the sequins; it seems more was more. Punk and rock had a similar style; leather, tight jeans or pants, shirts were an option. Just google pictures of The Clash or The Sex Pistols vs Iron Maiden and you’ll see it’s a similar style except the hair: mohawks and colours vs long and wild. I have to mention Queen; Freddie Mercury’s style was almost enough to steal the spotlight from his eight-octive range…almost.

The 70’s knew the real meaning of androgyny, it seems boundaries were being pushed on both sides. So I based my outfit on this vintage boys tee and added some cut-offs. It really couldn’t get more punk unless I added some safety pins and a leather jacket. The t-shirt has been transformed into a peplum shape, which gives it a very feminine silhouette. I know the peplum is more 80’s than 70’s, but we aren’t really going for historically accurate. The shape of the shirt, paired with the pink sunglasses, definitely gives this outfit a Debbie Harry vibe (the blonde hair doesn’t hurt either). And the shoes reminded me of Bowie circa the Ziggy Stardust era, which is the reason I bought them. The man rocked some serious platforms, maybe not peep toe sandals, but the idea is there.

– Dress like man, act like a woman – KL


 Vintage Tee – F as in Frank’s / Vintage Levi shorts – Camden Market, London 

 Yoki Kelly Platforms – Lulu’s / Sunglasses – Venice Beach


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