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May 8, 2015





You may or may not already know that I’ve always held a serious envy of men and their bagless lives. Wallet and pockets seem to be all they need. A couple of months back I wrote about my new purse that I loved so much it made me temporarily forgot my serious pocket envy. Alas, everyone needs some extra carrying capacity now and again that even the deepest of pockets (or deceivingly able purses) can’t fix. The most common solution for men is a backpack and now it’s mine too thanks to this 70’s inspired, vegan-leather gem I purchased from Nasty Gal a few weeks back.

I haven’t carried a back pack in long time. I’m not sure why I decided to struggle for so many years with awkward shoulder bags or ginormous totes that never closed. The constant struggle of carrying all that weight on one shoulder was enough to make me despise grocery shopping. The memories of carrying a bajillion text books in my backpack from school left me hesitant, but it only took one bike ride with my new bag on my back to convert me. I’m now looking into expanding my backpack collection.

Ergonomics aside, this bag has the perfect summer vibe I was looking for. The neutral brown makes it easy to wear with almost everything, and the details on the the flaps are beautifully bohemian. Plus it’s made of vegan-leather and we already know how I feel about trying to live cruelty-free. So, all in all, it’s the perfect bag to tote my groceries back to the apartment, to throw on my back on the way to work, or to load up for a vegan picnic in the park.

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL

Backpack – Nasty Gal

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