By the Sea

June 2, 2015

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I’m sharing some photos and sentiments from my recent trip to, my home away from home, Newfoundland. I’ve spoken before about my Chinese background; well, here’s the story of my other half. If you go way back, my father’s side of the family is of Irish descent, but, more recently, proud Newfoundlanders. Both my grandparents were born and raised on the Rock. My dad and his six siblings all are first generation, being raised with a strong presence of Newf and Irish heritage regardless of the city they were residing in (they moved A LOT).

It’s easy to fall in love with the scenery; rugged beauty and natural, untouched landscapes unlike the over-suburbanized city I was raised in. The ocean, something I had only seen once before and now hate being away from, wraps around the city and fills it with fresh sea air and a howling wind that I loved listening to from the safety of my apartment (and cursed when I had to go anywhere against it). The city itself is full of character, brightly painted houses built into the the side of hills, crooked streets and small staircases weaving in and out of alleys.

Newfoundland is famous for their friendly people and hospitality, and it wasn’t lost on me. Despite not knowing a soul when I moved out there for university when I was 18, I was surprised at how quickly I felt at home, even more so than the city I grew up in. The pace of life seemed slower and easier. Every place felt like my grandparents’ house; warm and friendly. I grew up with certain traditions, like a cooked dinner every Sunday with the whole Fitzpatrick clan, that I never knew stemmed from Newfoundland customs until I moved there.

The scenery may have made me fall in love with the province, but it was the people and traditions that made it feel like home.

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL

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