Purple Noon

June 19, 2015

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You may have noticed in my last couple of posts that I’ve dyed my hair. It’s now purple…or pink…it changes daily since Manic Panic rinses out sooo easily (one of the things I love and hate about it). I’ve always wanted coloured hair and enjoyed it briefly in the fall, but I didn’t have the conviction to keep it for long. But, you are only young and stupid once so I thought I would embrace the pastel-hair trend again, for the summer at least.

While I knew that there would be some draw backs to going pastel, like the constant re-dying to keep the colour or the fear of shampoo, there are a few things I wasn’t expecting. I’m a natural brunette who’s never dyed my hair before going blonde last April, and I sometimes forget that my hair is dyed at all. Now I get weird stares from people in public that briefly force me into a state of paranoia. I have to check that there isn’t something weird on my face or between my teeth before I remember ‘oh yeah, my hair is purple’. Aside from the staring, random strangers now feel comfortable talking to me (more so than before) and normally the conversation starts (and sometimes ends) with “oh, I love your hair.” That’s always nice to hear but I get confused when it quickly morphs to them talking about their dinner plans or kid’s sports. I knew that going pink/purple would attract some extra attention, but I guess I thought it would be more subtle, like people pretending not to stare at my head and looking awkwardly away when I made eye contact with them. Alas, I will just have to get used to blatant staring and pointless conversations.

This brings me to the last adjustment: getting dressed. While coloured hair is mega-fun, I’m having a hard time trying to wear colour that doesn’t clash or make me feel like Rainbow Brite. Hence, the all white. I’ve always enjoyed a monochromatic outfit, so hey, lets just go with it. I think colour will seep back into my clothing when I get used to the hair. For now though, my white overalls are my best friends.

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL

Overalls – Ardene’s / body suit – American Apparel / sneakers – Nike

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