The Best(ival) of Me

June 16, 2015

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Festival season is in full swing now and last weekend was Bestival on Toronto Island. This award-winning festival usually takes place in the UK, this was the first year they decided to host in Toronto. I love live music, so, enjoying two days of nothing but shows is like a dream. They had five stages with acts playing at almost any given time. There isn’t really anything else like it; drinking outside, eating from food trucks, chilling with your friends, listening to music… ALL DAY. It’s a beautiful thing.

And speaking of beautiful things; the fashion deserves almost as much attention as the music. The two always go hand in hand so it’s not surprising that you see just as many best dressed list and style profiles as there are performance reviews and raves. There are so many “what to wear to a festival” blog post out there but it seems to me that really anything goes at these things. If you are comfortable in it, then you can rock in at a music festival.

I personally enjoy body suits tucked into shorts. The bodysuit doesn’t move around on you so you won’t spend your day re-tucking or adjusting anything. Festival are usually in the summer but that doesn’t mean temperatures don’t drop significantly at night (or if it rains like it did this past Friday) so bring something weather appropriate like a light rain coat or my personal favourite a vintage plaid that can easily be tied around your waist or purse strap when you don’t want to wear it. Footwear can be tricky but I would stay away from sandals unless you enjoy getting your feet stepped on. Other then that use your best judgement: white shoes worked great at Coachella, while my Hunters seemed the only options in the muddy fields on Toronto Island. When in doubt I say go for Doc Martens! (or some sort of stylish boots)

Make-up, in my mind, should always be minimal (festival or not). It’s no fun constantly trying to re-touch your makeup in a port-a-potty bathroom while a giant line grows outside, patiently holding their bladders. It’s not uncommon to get hot and sweaty jumping up and down with hundreds of other people to your favourite beats. Even the best primers can’t hold up against that all day, so put on SPF, maybe a coloured mascara and call it a day! No muss no fuss.

Fashion aside, here are my Do’s and Don’ts of a music festival:

1. Don’t push: don’t be that person… everyone there is trying to do/see the same thing you are, if you want to get up to the front there’s a right way to do it and it’s not by blundering your way through the crowd.

2. DO be mindful of the crowd around you: I’m short… really short. I know it’s annoying for tall people because you want to be close to the front too but I’ve had people that are easily a foot and half taller than me push past me just to stand directly in front of me. They could have easily seen over my head so why shouldn’t I be able to see too? If you do choose to stand directly in front of someone who is a lot shorter than you, at least watch your elbows. I have come close to being smacked in the face because of tall people’s ‘dancing’. Just keep your arms in your own space. Please.

3. Don’t think your time is more important than other’s. If its the last act, and you want to leave early to beat the rush home or whatever, that’s your prerogative. Just don’t leave in the middle of a song. It’s rude to the band and rude to the people around you who are trying to watch. They want to pay attention to the music not to getting out of your way so you can get home 30 minutes earlier.

4. DO have fun! You are there to have fun and listen to some awesome music. So, no matter how many tall dicks stand in front of you, or idiots push you, or drunk people spill their drinks on you let it go and enjoy! It’s all good, baby.

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL

Outfit 1:

Bathing suit – American Apparel / Shorts – American Apparel / Rain Anorak – Nasty Gal / Plaid – Vintage / Boots – Hunters

Outfit 2:

Bodysuit – American Apparel / Shorts – Vintage Levi’s / Plaid – The Kooples / Boots – Doc Marten’s 


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