Hot Child in the City

July 8, 2015

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It would be very easy to complain about the weather. We Canadians just love complaining about the weather. It’s been hot, muggy, rainy and yet the humidity just won’t break. It’s kind like walking around in a giant sauna. But I’m not complaining, instead I’m remembering February….

And that makes me thankful for this sweaty-ass weather. I’m glad that sunglasses are the only weather accessory I need to think about before leaving the house (no gloves, no hat, no boots, no scarf, no balaclava). I’m happy that frizzy hair is now my biggest worry. It’s like, totally more manageable than dry hair with static. And I’m over the moon that instead of having to wear four layers to keep myself warm, I can get away with not wearing a shirt at all. Thank you weather and sport luxe trend (but more on that later).

This summer you won’t hear me complaining about unbearable hot nights (the one’s you can barely fall asleep in), sweating through my shirt even though I’m not moving,   not even the summer cyclist who has no idea how to ride in the city (some of us aren’t out for a joy ride, we got places to be! OUTTA MA WAY). Instead I will enjoy warm summer nights, the kind that make you want to stay out until dawn, cooling off in outdoor pools, lakes or maybe a random sprinkler and my own occasional joy ride around the city, just because it’s nice out.

– Happy Summer Toronto – KL

Sports bra – American Apparel / Overalls – Topshop / Sneakers – Chuck Taylors

2 thoughts on “Hot Child in the City

  1. Yana

    Loving the hair! Complaining about weather is big here in Russia too. Complaining about people complaining is even bigger 😀


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