Love & Basketball Shorts

July 28, 2015


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Let’s continue with part II of the sports luxe trend saga. Today’s feature: men’s athletic shorts.

I have a love/hate relationship with shorts like this. Too many ‘bros’ think it’s ok to wear them with t-shirts and flip flops and go out in public. This is not an appropriate outfit after you move out of residence and yet I see men walking around in this outfit all the time (I’m looking at you City Place dwellers).

But now I get it. They are comfortable as fuck! I borrowed these ones from my boyfriend (he only wears them to the gym, and don’t worry they were clean when I stole them) but I am going to have to invest in a pair of my own. I still don’t think there is anyway for men to wear them outside of the gym, the court or their home, but ladies let’s all thank the sports luxe trend.

Remember the Spice Girls rule: I simply added a mesh and textured sports bra (Posh?) and men’s boxers (Scary?) underneath to add some style to these otherwise unstylish shorts. While this outfit would never carry me to a nice restaurant or bar, it’s perfectly acceptable for running errands in the summer heat.

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL

Crop top – Forever 21 / Nike Shorts –  my bf’s closet /Boxers – Calvin Klein / Shoes – Nike

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