Party Time

July 22, 2015

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Back in my university days, I was a party girl. And like any good party girl, I knew to surrounded myself with like-minded girls because a) that way I always had someone to party with and b) I always had someone else’s clothes to wear share. While booze and dancing took precedence over all else (like my studies, or sleeping and eating) going out as often as we did required many new outfits. Since I was the only one of my friends with rent to pay I couldn’t always afford to buy new clothes every time we went out (which some of them did).

But no worries, party friends to the rescue. I offered my parent-free apartment for pre-drinks, after hours drinks, crash-pad, morning-after pizza parties etc, and the girls would bring over clothes that I could borrow for the night. Every Friday, Saturday (plus more than one Wednesday, Thursday) they would come over, bags of clothes and half-cases in hand. We would do our make-up, hair and change outfits over and over again while chugging our beer and dancing before heading downtown to chug and dance some more. Good times.

So while I was more than grateful to borrow these clothes, I’ll admit now that it wasn’t exactly my style. Short pencil skirts, tank tops, stilettos, wide waist-cinching belts and statement earrings were pretty much our uniform. We kind of looked like a bunch of inappropriately dressed office workers. We would change over and over again to essentially put on the same outfit. Body-con dresses, short-shorts, skin tight jeans, and knee-high boots were sometimes thrown into the mix, but it seemed that we mostly had an abundance of skirts and tank tops.

Eventually I tried to add my own touch of style; a black tank with a black skirt and black heels, I also threw on my male friend’s zip-up hoodie instead of a coat. I felt like Nicole Sherzinger in the buttons video. I probably looked like an idiot but it made me feel like more like me and therefore I felt ‘hot’, for lack of a better word. And when you’re going out that’s really how you want to feel, right?

This brings me to now. While my party days are few and far between, the summer brings about familiar urges when warm nights meant getting drunk, dancing ’til we were kicked out and then finding somewhere else that would let us dance ’til dawn. So when I do go out, I still want to feel ‘hot’. It doesn’t matter that I’m attached and no longer looking for skin. If you’re out with friends and everyone looks good and feels good it’s more fun, period. So this is my new going out uniform, less slutty secretary more badass vigilante. It’s not exactly men’s clothes but I don’t feel girly standing next to my friends in skirts, lace or ruffles. So no more pencil skirts or heels for me (you can’t fight justice in those anyways, not realistic).

– Party on – KL

Body suit – American Apparel / shorts – vintage / Belt – Nasty Gal / boots – Aldo

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