That Old Feeling

July 10, 2015

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I love a good men’s shirt/dress. I haven’t worn one on my blog in a while, so here it is, again, the (men’s) t-shirt ‘dress’. So comfortable. So casual. So cool.

Of course not every man’s shirt can be turned into a dress and t-shirt are actually the hardest to pull-off (the easiest is a dress shirt). So here are a few things to look for when shopping for the perfect (men’s) t-shirt ‘dress’.

1. Not white! T-shirts are rarely thick enough and thus white ones tend to be a tad see-through. This is fine for a bra… not so fine for your underwear.

2. This particular one has a very exaggerated high/low hem but they actually help a lot! It’s almost impossible to find a normal hemmed t-shirt that is long enough to cover you but doesn’t make you look like you just borrowed Andre the Giant’s t-shirt. High/low hems allow you to get a smaller size (so it fits everywhere else better).

3. Little details to distinguish this as a t-shirt ‘dress’ and not a t-shirt you should be wearing as a pyjama. This one has a subtle stone-wash, rolled sleeves and a pocket detailing.

Those are my tips for shopping. A styling trip that often helps with the t-shirt dress’s general lack of shape: a belt. It can create a waist if you’d like. I chose to use a CK sweatshirt instead, plus it was needed later that night when it got a bit chilly.

I would normally grab a pair of chucks (which totally would have worked with this outfit) but today I wanted a slightly elevated look so I added a sleek heel. I love the cut out detail and chunky heel makes it way easier to walk. I forgot how awesome heels make your legs look. I’ve been perusing through and it has me itching to grow my heel collection even further.

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL


Hat – Black Market / Men’s T-shirt – Urban Outfitters / CK Sweatshirt – Urban Outfitters / Watch – Casio from American Apparel / Shoes – H&M

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