Remember the Tanktops

August 4, 2015

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Part IV of V, are you sick of seeing me in men’s athletic clothes yet? I hope not, because I’m in love with this tank top. Men’s, oversized, sporty. Check, check, check.

When I saw this shirt I immediately thought ‘YUP’. The blue colour is so 90’s and I was looking for a shirt with the Adidas trefoil for some time now. Upon bringing it home I realized that it’s not that flattering and it kind of hung like a sac on my body. I didn’t get it long enough to be worn as a dress because the small was already pretty wide and I thought that anything bigger would drown me. I thought it would be fine semi-tucked into a pair of jean shorts…but it was too long for that.

Thankfully the length allowed for this very 90’s, very sporty, knot-in-the-t-shirt look. It does little in terms of adding shape but it fixed it the awkard length of the shirt with out hiding the trefoil. I kept the palette all blue and white, almost like I’m part of a team. Team Tomboy?

– Dress like a man, act like a woman – KL

blue jays hat – f as in frank / adidas tank – urban outfitters / overalls – ardene / sneakers – topshop


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