Lookbook: Prep School Casual

September 27, 2015

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I’ve always had a love with all things British but prep school style is at the top. I envied the school uniforms that kids across the pond ‘got’ to wear, I mean, any excuse to wear a tie right? And even though I’m no longer attending school (of any form) autumn always makes me feel like wearing knee socks and plaid. But I have no desire to be mistaken for a school girl (or boy). So here are my tips to adding a little bit of Brit-prep to your outfits without accidentally being ushered into a classroom.

Tartan: or plaid is SO fall. Like, totally right?. But keep it smart by wearing a  blazer, tie or trouser in pattern. Flannels and button ups just won’t do for this kind of look. Pair them with a cable knit sweater or an oxford shirt (or both).

Ties: All good especially if you can get ones that look like they came of an extra in Harry Potter, just don’t pair them with a pleated skirt or you might look like you are wearing a costume.

Polos: Yes, yes, yes. Hard to go wrong, maybe stay away from the pastel sweater tied around the shoulder unless you prefer the American wasp look.

Crest: Anything with a crest will automatically look like part of a uniform, keep the rest of the outfit casual; jeans, t-shirts, converse, etc.

Pleated skirt: a plaid pleated skirt is a no unless you are in school or you are going for a 90’s grunge look. Keep it a solid colour and maybe forget the knee socks.

– Dress AVEC LUI – KL


Outfit 1: Shirt Brandy Melville / vest vintage /jeans urban outfitters / glasses warby parker

outfit 2: shirt uniqlo / pants smart set / tie vintage 

outfit 3: polo fred perry / skirt american apparel 

outfit 4: blazer The kooples / sweater american apparel / jeans urban outfitters / shoes aldo / sunnies vintage


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