Pink is the Toughest Colour (and P.S. I’m Growing out my Roots)

September 23, 2015


I wrote a post awhile ago when I first started tinting my hair pastel pink about how people would randomly talk to me even open up to me. The pink may have made me seem softer, nicer, more approachable. I’m not going to lie, I’ve always been the type of person that people feel comfortable talking to the pink just seemed to enhance it.

Well, after a few months of being pink, I’ve learned a new side to pink. The tough side. A car hit me last year when I was riding my bike, the driver apologized, I accepted (begrudgingly) and that was it. I was hella annoyed with him but he either didn’t notice or didn’t care. He even asked me me out. NOT THE TIME! I think I apologized for having a boyfriend and hobbled off.

That was BP (before pink). Now, if I almost get hit, not even actually hit and I’m slamming my hand down and the hoods of cars and yelling at drivers while they wave their hands in the air and they mouth apologies profusely from inside their cars. And it doesn’t stop there. When I get annoyed in public people all of a sudden take notice. I’m tapping my foot at the bank if lines take to long and they are opening new lines for me. I guy said to me recently that he got it. ‘Pink hair was badass’ were his actual words. So did I dye my hair pink because I’m a badass or did I become badass after I dyed my hair? I guess we’ll never know for sure.

Unfortunately I have decided to stop bleaching my roots. There isn’t one reason just a bunch of little ones (like time, money, the condition of my hair, missing the brown) that made me decided it’s time to give up the blonde/pink. It’s about to be an interesting few months of ‘what the hell will this look like?’ but I’m ready for it. Like I said people treat you different and you feel different when you have another hair colour. It’s kind of like being on vacation. So I’m ready to come home now, I’m just taking the scenic root.

– Live AVEC LUI – KL

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