Travel Essential: The Navy T-Shirt

September 16, 2015

navyt02 navyt01

I know I’ve always been an advocate for the men’s white t-shirt. And 99% of the time I would say the perfect white tee is your best option. This is the other 1%.

A men’s navy t-shirt is just as versatile as it’s white counterpart but has a few perks when travelling.

  1. The darker colour hides sweat stains better than white, so you don’t have to worry when you are running to catch that plane or perspiring in the sun while waiting for taxis or trains.
  2. They also hide other stains better like coffee or ketchup, because sometimes while travelling you just don’t have access to club soda or water to clean yourself up.
  3. Like the white, it can easily be paired with any other colour (yes even black, forget that stupid rule already).
  4. It also makes a perfect addition to a pulled together causal look and can be dressed up (way easier than the black tee).

Next time your packing your bag or getting dressed for a flight, throw in or throw on a navy t-shirt for convenience, options, and style.

– Travel AVEC LUI – KL

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