Costumes and Crushes

October 30, 2015

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So I know I’m a day early but I wanted to share my costume in case anyone is stuck for one. If you can’t tell, I’m a lazy version of Harley Quinn. I pulled my hair into pigtails, added some smudged blue eye shadow and a heart to right side of my cheek. As for the outfit, a white tee, some fishnets and a jacket was all you need. Again… the lazy version, i.e. what can I be with stuff I found around the house? So what if it’s not exact…

Suicide Squad is not released until next year, but apparently Harley Quinn is the most googled costume this year and I’m not surprised. Two words: Margot Robbie. It’s hard to believe someone so beautiful exists in real life but she does. Beauty aside, there’s another reason for my girl crush, she’s also hella cool. She uses filming breaks to go to music festivals. She plays paintball like a champ. She’s into surfing, snowboarding and ice hockey. She’d rather play a stunt woman than be a Hollywood star and knows every word to ‘Sorry 4 the Wait.’ Male co-stars have called her “a hawk” (Alexander Skarsgard) and a “wild woman explorer” (Will Smith).

Gotta love a girl that looks like Grace Kelly, but acts more like a tomboy than a princess. Margot Robbie, please be my friend. I think we would get along.

– Happy Halloween, Puddin’ – KL

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