Fall Must Have: Plaid

October 9, 2015

plaid01 plaid12 plaid09 plaid10

Plaid is so totally awesome. It was the pattern of the 90’s from Kurt Cobain’s flannels to Cher Horowitz’s skirt and blazer ensembles. Since the decade’s style is back with a vengeance and plaid and fall go together like chocolate and peanut butter it only makes sense to buy everything in plaid. Ha, jokes, but a few key pieces for fall are a definite must.

  1. A scarf is an easy way to add the pattern to wardrobe without it being two overwhelming.
  2. Men’s flannels are warm, comfortable and versatile.
  3. A plaid blazer is very smart (I own a couple) but I’m loving this men’s oversized shadow plaid, perfect tomboy find.

– dress AVEC LUI – KL

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