How And Why You Should Have A Vegan Thanksgiving

October 5, 2015

I’m obviously taking the piss with this video but seriously, it’s that easy to have a vegan thanksgiving (or any other holiday for that matter). No waking up at 7am to put a giant turkey in the oven and then baste it every 15 minutes. No putting your hand (and some bread) up a dead animals ass just to eat it afterwards (the truth is gross). No guilt from overindulgence (because the worst thing you’re eating is still a plant). No digesting hormones, unnecessary cholesterol, saturated fat, or carcinogenic chemicals that form when you overcook meat. And no harming of innocent, intelligent birds.

There are a million and one recipes online for a vegan thanksgiving. Just type the two words into Pintrest and you can customize your own menu. Or you can go to BuzzFeed’s comprehensive 41 recipes list, from appetizers to desserts. I made recipe #32 for the video except with a lazy twist: instead of making my own seitan, I used Pillsbury Crescent Roll dough (it’s accidentally vegan). I used two cylinders worth and just rolled the stuffing up inside (didn’t break the dough apart like you are supposed p0o      to). Side note: this recipe also has the best mushroom gravy, it’s seriously amazing. And don’t forget about a vegan pumpkin pie, a thanksgiving must for me.

– eat AVEC LUI – KL

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