In Flight: What’s in my Carry-On

October 14, 2015



I got bit by the travel bug several years ago and that bite always starts to itch right around this time. Four years ago, during this month, I was touring the coast of South Africa, the year after that it was New York for my first time, the year after that it was Ireland and London, and last year I went back to New York for my boyfriend’s first visit. Since I have no travel plans (yet, fingers crossed) for this fall season I thought I would scratch that proverbial itch by sharing my carry on essentials.

I, like most people, don’t enjoy carrying large heavy bags full of stuff I don’t need. So when it comes to packing, less is always more. If I can fit everything into one carry-on I will, but for those longer flights or longer vacations when checking a bag is a must I like to keep my actual carry-on as light as possible.


First up: Moisturizers. Recycled air on the planes makes for dry, uncomfortable skin, not fun and not cute. Re-hydrating is important but all airlines have complimentary water so it’s unnecessary to carry around a large empty water bottle. Cream is not complimentary (although it should be) so I always carry my own so I can re-apply during and after the flights.

1. SUGAR intensive lip therapy

2. REN face moisturizer

3. LUSH charity pot hand and body cream


The theme of this post is essentials, and while cream is my first plane ride essential, airport authority might disagree so don’t forget to pack:

4. YOUR wallet, identification, passport, money, airline tickets & confirmation numbers


Long plane rides are perfect for hashing out any travel details you need to figure out for your vacation, business trip, whatever reason you have for travelling.

5. MOLESKIN day planner helps organize your days (vacation or not)

6. TRAVEL guide book for whatever city you are heading towards helps pass the time and get you excited for landing


While almost all airlines now have personal TV’s for your entertainment, sometimes it’s nice to have some back-ups. I’m one of those lucky people who can sleep on planes so I don’t need a lot, and I don’t suggest bringing a library or heavy laptop in your purse, but a few items to keep your mind off turbulence or your neighbours annoying conversations are a must. Apart from my phone and in-flight movies, I find these two items sufficient distractions.

7. NINTENDO ds is small and, like any other child of the 90’s, I can waste hours trying get Mario through Bowser’s castle

8. SUITCASE magazine is just a suggestion but I always like to bring one book or magazine or something that doesn’t require staring at a screen


These next items are less about the in-flight and more about the destination. Flying has a way of making people feel tired and dirty so I always travel with a few items that will make me refreshed quickly and easily.

9. SEPHORA blush and a brush adds colour to my face and distracts from any bags I might have

10. BURBERRY rollerball perfume

11. BENEFITS better than sex mascara to help make my tired eyes look bigger and brighter

12. COLGATE and toothbrush

13. CAKE dry shampoo

14. BIORÉ face wipes to remove dirt and oil


The last group of items are obvious but if I’m making a checklist then I kind of have to include them.


16. PORTABLE usb charger

17. iPHONE or whatever phone you use

18. CHARGER for you phone, your tablet, ds, etc.


– Travel AVEC LUI – KL

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