My Running Shoes: Nike Free Runs 5.0

October 19, 2015


If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed yesterday’s picture: I ran my first half marathon and, actually, my first (proper) race ever. I must say it was hard but it felt good to finish. I’m pretty proud of myself, but I’ll save that story for next week.


It wasn’t that long ago that running for half an hour (let alone 21 km) would have intimidated me. When I first started running, I knew very little about running form, breathing techniques, and proper footwear. In fact, for about two weeks I was running in Converse, embarrassing I know, but I reasoned with myself that I didn’t want to purchase expensive running shoes just to decide that running wasn’t for me. I was going to wait three months to see if I stuck with it, and then new running shoes would be my reward. Great in theory, but not in practice. After two weeks of very light running (remember I was just starting out), my legs and feet hurt, a lot. I realized that if I wanted to make a serious go of it, I needed to buy shoes.


Cut to me in the Nike Running store looking very confused. The wall of shoes had descriptions of each shoe but, as a new runner, I wasn’t sure if I need extra heel cushion or preferred the feeling of barefoot technology, etc. The sales associate was no help either…he pretty much read what was on the wall. When I asked him what he wore to run, he told me he didn’t run, so I left. I headed to your generic sports store where the wall of shoes was even more confusing; Nike, Adidas, Asics, oh my! Fortunately for me, this time the sales associate was as helpful as a yellow brick road leading me straight to my Emerald city: Nike Free Runs.


She asked me a few questions about my running style which I didn’t know how to answer. She cringed when I told her I was running in Chucks. She brought out two pairs of shoes: Asics and Nike Frees. I tried the Asics first. She told me they were popular, especially for new runners. I tried them on and I felt like I was walking on clouds. There was lots of cushioning, I tried running a bit (as she suggested) and while they were very comfortable, I still wasn’t sure. She noticed that I didn’t heel strike when I ran so she suggested the Frees might be better for me. This time my feet were the clouds. I ran a bit and knew these were the ones. It’s been two years and I haven’t looked back.


– Get Fit AVEC LUI – KL



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