Travel Essentials: The Only Dry Shampoo You’ll Ever Need

October 21, 2015


I’m serious, buy one and it will probably last you the rest of your life, unlike those tiny, travel sized aerosol spray cans that might last three or four uses. CAKE dry shampoo has been part of my ‘essential list’ since my early twenties. In fact, I was so dependent on it at one point in my life my sister had to remind me that it wasn’t a proper replacement for actually washing my hair.


CAKE is kind of like a coloured baby powder (it comes in two colours for light and dark hair), except it smells good and doesn’t leave your hair looking grey. You sprinkle it in your hair, let it absorb the oil and brush it out. SO easy. SO perfect for travel (and any other day you just don’t have time to wash your hair). It’s not a liquid so it can easily go in your carry-on. A little goes a long way, so no worries about running out mid-vacation. One quick tip: it can be messy so use before you get dressed.


Travel time should be use to explore new cites, experience new cultures and meet new people, not stare at your old hair. CAKE will have you ready and out the door before you can say ‘pass the can of Batiste.’ Just don’t get addicted to the convenience of it like I did (don’t worry my habit is under control, I’m just a recreational user now).

– Travel AVEC LUI – KL


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